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Friday, January 21, 2022

Organize Your Stamps


Have you ever gone to look for a particular stamp set that you know that you have and have been frustrated because you could not find that special set to finish a project? Have you ever found s loose stamp and could not figure out where that particular stamp set went? 

Do not feel bad, we have all been there. Today, hopefully we are going to help you get your stamp sets organized, easy to find, and give you more time to have fun!

If you are a stamp artist, then you know how much we love our stamp sets. Some of us think that collecting stamps is like another hobby! We love our stamps, and we love using them. But like any other tool, you need to care for your stamps. Part of that is organizing your stamps so that you can find what you need quickly and easily.

We all get frustrated when our craft area is a hot mess!

There are a lot of different things in our lives demanding our attention. And we want to spend time blowing off steam and relaxing in our craft space,

I guarantee that taking the time to get your stamps organized will bring you to a place of less frustration and more time crafting!

Getting Started

How you store your stamps depends on the number of stamps that you have and the space that you have to store them

It also depends on how much of your craft budget you would like to use to get your stamp collection organized.

There are many different ways to store your stamp sets. When I started, I did this big catalog sorting project. Each stamp had a number and a reference. Wow, I really worked hard on that project. But the problem with that system was that I sometimes wound-up splitting upsets. It meant that sometimes I would up getting frustrated trying to find what I needed.

You need to decide what works best for you and then get it all done.

Step One-Gather All Your Stamps

Just gather them all up and lay them out on your workspace, bed, or even on the floor. Check each set to make sure that you have all the stamps in each set. Gather any loose stamps and place them with the right set.

Decide if you are going to store your stamps and die sets in the stamp section or with your dies. If you are going to store them with your dies, lay them aside for now.

Make sure that you have any layering guides with your sets too. I have several Altenew stamp sets where I have printed layering guides that I want to keep with my stamp sets.

Acrylic Stamps

If the stamps are not sticking to the acrylic sheet they came in, wash them with soap detergent and water if they are acrylic stamps. Once they are dry, they should get their sticky back. 

Rubber Stamps

If you're a rubber stamp purist, and I know a lot of folks are, this idea might not be for you. But if space is a real premium, you may want to consider removing the rubber stamps from their wood to save space.


Step Two-Categorize Your Stamps

Group your stamps by the categories that work for you. Simply put them into piles for the time being.

If you do not have a lot of stamps in one category, combine them. For example, you could just place all holidays together if you only have one set for each holiday.

Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

Animals (Animal Kingdom)
Borders and Embellishments
Flowers (Botanical)
Letters And Alphabets
Special Occasions


 Step Three-Select A System

We have included a few different systems for you to consider for your craft space. The one that is right fit you is the one that uses the stamp space that you have available. If you stamp a lot, you will want to select a system that is closest to where you stamp whenever possible. 

Look For Hidden Spaces

You may have more space than you realize. Try looking in closets. See if you rearrange drawers where you might find extra space. You may even find space under a desk. Look at your space with a critical eye and see if you have more options than you thought.

Stamp Storage Ideas
Use CD cases stacked neatly on a shelf

Simple Systems 

Acrylic Stamps

  1. Leave in original envelopes and store in a recipe box.
  2. DVD cases arranged in storage boxes.
  3. Stamp binders-made to store stamps.

Foam Stamps

  1. Photo boxes
  2. Glass jars
  3. Ziplock bags-stacked or hung.
  4. Clean and unused pizza boxes
  5. Clear shoeboxes

Wooden Mounted Rubber Stamps

Always store them with the stamp side down on a smooth surface
Do not store too much weight on the stamps.
Keep away from sunlight-it will rein the rubber.
  1. Shelving units
  2. Plastic drawer units
  3. Clear shoeboxes
  4. Tackle boxes
  5. Clean and unused pizza box

Loose Leaf Binder System

Loose Leaf Binder Stamp Storage
Loose-leaf binder with special pocket pages

This system uses pocket pages and full-page protectors to create a custom system for your needs.


  • Clear CD Vinyl Pages
  • 3.5" by 5" Photo Pages
  • Clear Trading Card Vinyl Pages
  • Sheet Protectors
  • Three Ring Binder
  • Dividers
  • Label Maker

  1. Arrange categories and add dividers.
  2. Fill and arrange your sets. 
  3. Label the sets.
  4. Label the outside of the binder.

Rolodex System

Rolodex Stamp Storage System

This system uses a rolodex and card sets to organize clear stamps. There are different units that will account for larger sets. These are 4" by 6". Larger sets can be stored on the front and back of the card. 


  • Rolodex base
  • Rolodex cards
  • Label maker
  • Extra clear envelopes
  • Double-sided tape or tape gun

  1. Categorize stamp sets.
  2. Adhere each plastic envelope to the Rolodex card.
  3. Place the stamps in the card.
  4. Label names of stamps and sections

Bin Acrylic Storage Idea

I have seen all kinds of storage ideas for acrylic stamps. This one is probably the most popular. The stamps are all placed either in their original wrappers or in special clear plastic envelopes that are purchased. They are grouped by category and stored upright. You can use baskets, boxes, plastic bins. What has been especially popular are the different-sized buns sold on Amazon. 


  • Plastic storage sleeves
  • Label maker
  • Dividers sheets made of card stock
  • Plastic bins, boxes or baskets

Using Stamp Pockets

A number of companies offer stamp pockets in different sizes. I have found that a lot of the original packaging in stamp sets often rip over a period of time. The pockets come in packs that vary in number of pockets, The more pockets you order in a package, the less price the individual pocket will be. There are some different qualities of pockets, so you may want to try a small pack of a specific company before you commit to a whole system.

You can use all of the same sized envelopes or use the size to fit. It's up to you.

Of course, if you use the pocket system, you want to retain the two sheets of acrylic that hold and cover your stamps.

Some pockets come with a sticky on the top, so they seal. But you can always use washi tape to deal the top of the pocket. Others come with flap closure. 

I cut out colored card stock to fit in each pocket. That reinforces the pocket. I have one color for each theme in my collection. That way, I always know where that set goes.

Acrylic Stamps In A File Drawer

I needed to minimize my space on my shelves, but I did have a file drawer in my desk that would be a perfect storage solution for my stamps. I used to hang files that I already had and did my categories. All my stamps were in their original envelopes were kept as was. Those that were not in their envelopes I put in clear plastic envelopes. I labeled them and placed them in their category.

Now, I just reach into the drawer to get what I need. So easy for me

Final Thoughts On Storing Stamps

I hope that you have chosen the system that works best for you and have taken the time to finally get your stamp set organized. 

After all, we take time and money to add stamps to our collection. Putting it all together in a system that works for your space is going to make you a happier crafter,
You will have a happier craft experience. You will feel happier going into your craft space, you will get more done. 

You will enjoy your craft time a lot more!

Hope you enjoyed these ideas and tips on getting your stamps organized. We would love to see the pictures of your craft spaces. Share some tips and ideas with the community.

Till Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Hope you enjoyed these ideas and tips on getting your stamps organized. We would love to see the pictures of your craft spaces.

Please leave a thought, comment or idea in the space below/ We always love hearing from you.

Till next time, Happy Crafting!