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Create Metallic Stripped Card-Everything You Need To Know

  Have you ever considered using metallic embossing powders in an entirely different way to create a custom card that will long be treasured by the recipient of this wonderful art form? I was super impressed by this technique in a recent class that I took at Altenew on Progressive Card Making. I have always enjoyed using embossing powders. Using them has been a passion of mine. As you see the powder heat up, and the magic happen, it brings joy to your papercrafts. I made three thinking of you cards and one thanks card. But honestly, you could use any large sentiment die that you have for this technique.   One Note Before We Get Started It is often said that "quality matters!" In this particular technique, it actually does! I tried different metallic embossing powders from different sources. and the one that worked the best was from Altenew. I did get better results with the antique metallic powders than I did from others in my stash, The closest to quality was the Wow embossi

How To Reuse Stuff On Your Junk Journal Pages

  Today we are going to go on a bit of a treasure hunt. As a junk journal artist, I am always on the lookout for things that I can recycle in my junk journals. If you like junk journals as I do or are thinking about getting into this version of paper crafting, you may just turn into a bit of a hoarder. Not in a bad sense, but you may find yourself searching for things that you can save from your local landfill. Junk Journal have become so popular in the world of papercrafts. The reason that paper crafters love them is that they can create artful pages while recycling "junk" into something new and creative. It is a journal that holds you recycled materials, thoughts and memories.  This is a part of paper crafting where you just need a little glue or tape, plus the stuff you have saved to do some custom, low-cost projects. Grab yourself some plastic bags or a basket and let's go treasure hunting! From The Bathroom You might not think that there would be a lot of things in y

Stencils And Embossing Paste Technique With Glitter-Part 2

  So, we are still having fun using the stencil from Altenew. But this time we are adding an extra element to the mix. We have added iridescent glitter to the card and then used the watercolors to give some extra definition and shine to the project. Unlike the card in Part 1 of this tutorial, we are using glitter. Instead of "repelling" the watercolors, the color is absorbed into the glitter. When it is dry, you get color with a glittery effect that is stunning.  You can use any watercolors you have, but in this case, quality can make a difference. The better watercolors have more pigment in them, so the color in the end result will be more vivid.

Creative Coloring-Watercolors -Stencils-Embossing Paste-Part 1

  So, today we are talking about some creative coloring techniques that will add some texture and color to all of your greeting cards. Although it is considered an advanced technique. you can create these cards with a little practice.  We have two different techniques for you in this series.  Part 1 has the stencil with embossing paster as the medium. It used a white embossing powder which is then colored with watercolors. This has a grungier look. Part 2 uses the same stencil, with embossing paste, but this time we are using iridescent glitter instead of embossing powder. This one has a totally different look as the watercolors soak into the glitter.  All of the cards that we are showing today use a single stencil with some variation in the materials and colors used. The stencil that we used is the Mega Bloom Stencil from Altenew. This stencil has a lot of detail and makes a definite statement no matter where you choose to use it/ Yes, it is terrific on a card, but it would also be us

Get Cardstock Cutting Tips Tou Need For Your Cricut

 The Cricut cutting machine is a very popular tool that is used to create and cut all types of materials. You can create customize your settings to get the best cuts when you are using cardstock.  Cardstock is one of the easiest materials to work with. There are so many different types of cardstocks available, And the best part is of all the materials you can cut, cardstock is the most reasonably priced. Taking the time to understand how to create custom settings for your materials makes all the difference in the world, especially with different types of cardstocks.  Types Of  Cardstock Cricut Will Cut There are lots of different papers cardstocks that you can cut with your Cricut. Cricut has a line of cardstock that has been developed to work with their cutting settings. This makes it easier to get the best possible cuts because they developed these papers to specific settings.  There are other really quality papers that will also work well with your Cricut cutting machine. Quality pa

How To Create A Custom Multimedia Greeting Card

Have you ever considered taking your greeting cards the next level by using more than one media? We often focus on stamping, embossing, coloring or stenciling, today we are going to mix it all up with stencils, inks, colored pencils, stamping, and even some glitter.  Welcome to another edition of my journey in the Altenew Educator Program as I move closer to becoming a certified educator. We will be sharing some advanced stenciling ideas to inspire you to take a leap forward in your own journey with some ideas an some tips.  My specific focus for this tutorial is with tow specific stencil sets. For these cards, we used the  I also layered some embossing folders to add some design ideas. The embossing folders that we used are all Altenew  3 D embossing folders. Not only did we use them to create extra dimension, but we actually layered them to create focus.  I selected the Geometric 3D embossing folder, the Botanical 3 D embossing folder, and the One Of A Kind embossing folder. Each of