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Craft Tags-Tips, Techniques And Ideas

Craft Tags are very popular with paper crafters with good reason.On their own, many people consider them an art form. Often used in scrapbooks, on greeting cards, art journals and mini albums. They are an embellishment that adds dimension and color to any paper craft project,

The choices are endless ! The limit to what you can create is only limited by your imagination.

The Tag Base

Every tag starts out with one common denominator and that is the tag base. The base can be aby size from a tea bag size all the way up to a large postal tag. The size is up to you and your use of your tags.

I recommend a strong paper. Nothing lower than an 85 lb paper weight. The reason for that is that you want to add extra weight, the tag will hold those embellishments.

Decide it you want to color the tag base or leave it as it is. You can use markers ink pads to color the tag.

You can also cover the tag base with printed card stock. Just trace the pattern of the tag on the reverse side of the paper, Cut it out and apply with glue or double sided tape.

You can also use distress ink around the edges of the tag to give it a aged work.

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