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Craft Tape Quick Tips

Duct Tape

This isn't the duct tape that your dad used in his workshop ! This is designer duct tape. Now comes in a huge variety. Used by paper crafters to book bind and a whole lot more. Probably the most famous of these is the Duck Tape Brand. In addition to Duck Tape, Scotch has a line of tapes as well. Duct tape is somewhat repositional until you push down on the tape. Then it becomes permanent.

  • You may want to devote one pair of scissors to cutting your duct tape, Over time the adhesive on this tape will start to get picked up by your scissors. You can also purchase non stick scissors that are made just for this purpose
  • Cut duct tape upside down, That way the adhesive will not stick to your scissors
  • Save the backing from your duct tape sheets. You can use them with a roll to cut additional shapes
  • Duck tape makes a brand of washi tape that has a stronger adhesive than regular washi tape

Artists Tape or Painters Tape

Artists tape is similar to painters tape. It has a low tack adhesive that can be removed without damaging paper.  It does not leave a residue when removed from a surface. Can be written on and that makes it great for organizing your craft room. It also can be used to mask off sections of a paper craft so that glue or paint does not spread
  • Always remove the tape in a 90 degree angle from your project. That will leave a clean line around it.

Masking Tape

 Masking tape is a paper tape that can also have applications in paper crafting. But masking tape can also leave a residue. It can only be left in place for a couple of hours before it becomes permanent.

Packing tape

Packing tape is a clear plastic tape that has applications in paper crafting. You can stick two pieces face to face instead of using acrylic sheets. 

Scotch tape or Cello Tape 

Scotch tape or cello tape comes as a single sided or double sided tape. It also comes in decorative patterns. The double sided version, adheres paper to paper quickly

Washi Tape

This is a decorative tape that has a weak adhesive. All the better to re- position. These tapes come in
hundreds of patterns in different lengths and widths. They come as a paper tape and also a fabric tape as well as glitter tapes

Can help you organize your craft space. Can be used in planners, bullet journals, art journals, scrapbooks and more.

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