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Scrapbook Quick Tips

Scrapbook Quick Tips

Often people think that scrapbooks are limited to just photos and journaling. But that is far from the truth! People scrapbook almost anything! Of course, you can and often do, scrapbook family photos. But lots of people scrapbook all kinds of other interests. You can scrapbook things like recipes, postcards, wine labels, travel books, meals and so much more.

If you are a beginner, the best way to start is with a scrapbook kit. Kits vary by theme, but they generally have a scrapbook, some page protectors, some pre-made layouts, sometimes titles and embellishments. All the components are put together by color and design. The only other supplies you would need would be double sided tape, a pair of scissors, a ruler and a pencil.

I have used these kits when I am making a scrapbook gift for a wedding, baby shower and graduation gift. They are handy and work up pretty fast, if you have any experience. You can add to your kit with additional pages, by adding more page protectors and purchasing themed paper.

Themed paper comes in pads. All of the pages are coordinated by color and theme. These are perfect to create special pages. These sets make it easy to create a layout or a single page.

Embellishments include letters, words and just about any kind of decor you can imagine. You can spend hours in your craft store and online looking at these beauties. They can also include gems, stickers and titles.

If you have any pictures in magnetic albums, remove them ASAP ! Those albums will ruin your pictures ! If you have trouble getting them out, you can slide them out by working some dental floss behind them.

Creating Your Scrapbook Page

  • Select one to three pictures for your scrapbook page. Decide which color is dominant. Use it for your background and embellishments.
  • Mat your focal point photo for sure. Other photos do not have to be matted unless you chose to.
  • Use a top loading scrapbook protector page. It will save you a lot of time and the pages will not fall out.
  • Use patterned paper to create a title to add special interest
  • Layer a piece of vellum paper over a printed paper to soften the look of the pattern.
  • Layer two different sheets of paper, Rip the top sheet to create more dimension
  • Mix different types and sizes of chipboard letters to create a unique title
  • Use a curved piece of patterned paper over a plain piece of colored card stock to create a one-of-a-kind page
  • Tear an edge of a piece of card stock. Add it to your base page. It can be used as an accent or to hold your title.
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Themed Scrapbook Ideas 

  • Create a flip up journal card. It is simply two cards the same size attached by washi tape Roll out a piece of washi tape. Put the bottom card on half of the width of the tape. Take the top card and place that on the other half of the tape. Trim off the edges. Attach to your scrapbook page.
  • Use postcards in your travel scrapbooks to add a special touch to your books.

Album Tips

  • Make sure to keep the front of the page protectors inside the album so that you know what to purchase the next time.

Adhesive Tips

  • Save old credit cards, library cards, gift cards and any other plastic card. Use them to spread any liquid adhesive over a surface. You will get an totally even placement without wrinkles or bulges.
  • Use washi tape to hold pictures down on your pages
  • Rubber cement is very harmful to your photographs. The toxic fumes say it all. The chemicals in this adhesive will ruin your photographs and your paper. 


  • Use a button or a brad to add interest to paper flowers. Buttons can be glued down or sewn on.
  • Add dimension to any embellishment by inking the edges
  • Use colored envelopes in different sizes to hold keepsakes
  • Collect business cards and booklets from the places you visit or eat at. Staple them or use a paper clip to add them to your pages.
  • Use 35 mm clear slide sleeves to hold your little keepsakes.
  • Make paper flowers from paper scraps and add them to your pages.
  • Use strips of patterned paper like you would ribbon for a stunning accent

Journaling On Your Scrapbook Page

  • Add a tag to a page or photo- Pre-made tags are the easiest way to start journaling on your scrapbook pages.
  • Use a journal card-It can be placed where it can be seen as part of the layout, or it can be in a pocket or an envelope. You can use the whole card or trim it to fit a picture.
  • Write directly on the photo. If you have spots on the photo where it is light color, just journal directly on the picture. Micron pens are best for this kind of journaling. Let the journaling dry for a bit before putting it in a page protector. Use some double-sided adhesive tape to attach to the photo
  • Add a pre-made envelope to you page to tuck into extra journaling. Embellish it for a customized effect. 
  • Instead of just doing a block of journaling, make strips of sentences and adhere them to your pages
  • Add mini books (little books that you add) to hold your journaling
  • Use quotes and song titles as your title and journaling 
  • Create sentences on your computer to journal. Then cut them in strips. Add these in a list or a random pattern.

Matting Your Scrapbook Photos And Memorabilia

  • Use maps as mats to add bling to your travel scrapbooks.

Washi Tape Tips For Scrapbooks

  • Use washi tape to cover chipboard pieces, shapes and letters
  • Make washi tape stickers.  Layer overlapping strips of tape on wax paper, cut out your shape, and peel and stick it to your page. Add pen stitching using a permanent marker for a quick finishing touch.
  • Washi Border: Adhere small strips of tape to the outer edge of your layout for a fast and fresh border design.
  • Make A Washi Tape Flag. Thread small strips of tape through paper clips for festive and fast flags.
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