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Stamping Platforms-Ideas And Tips

Stamping Platforms come in different sizes and configurations. This tool is a must-have for anyone who is a serious stamper, card maker or scrapbook artist. They help you align and stamp clearly every time.

There are several different stamping platforms. Each of them has its own pros and cons. If you are looking for one of these tools, these guides should help you out.

While I personally love the Misti, I also see where stamping platforms are also handy. For example, if I wanted to print on larger-sized paper or a scrapbook page, I can sure see where a stamping platform would meet my needs better.

No matter what platform you plan to use, it is essential to prime any new stamp before you use it. To prime your brand-new stamp, gently rub an eraser on the stamp. Then take a baby wipe to wipe off any excess eraser pieces. The result of taking this extra step will be a more even image. You only have to do this step once when you get any new stamp set. Try to prime the whole set when you get it. That way, you will not forget which ones you have not used.

Did you know that you can change your sentiment stamp? Just place a piece of tape over the words that you would like to omit!

One of our goals is to offer information in this community that will help you understand your options and make an informed decision on which tools are right for you.

The Misti-The Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented

The Misti tool is short for The Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented. It is a very popular stamping platform.

About The Misti

There are three types of Misti available.

  1. Mini Misti  -The dimension of this unit is 6" by 7". The stamping area size is 6" by 4.75 " Foam pad, sample grid paper, and bar magnet are included. The price point is about $45.00
  2. Original Misti- The dimension of this unit is 8" by 10". The stamping area is 6.5" by 8.5". A foam pad, sample grid paper, and bar magnet are included. The price point is about $60.00
  3. Memory Misti- This is the largest Misti available. The stamping area is 13.75" by 14". The stamping area is 12.25" by 12.95". Your 12" by 12" scrapbook paper would fit in this unit. Making it easy to do stamping and designing. Average Price $110

Misti Accessories

  • There are accessory bags for each Misti size at about $35,00
  • Cut and Align tool is a ruler that has a cutting guide within the ruler allowing you to make precise cuts with a craft knife. Ihi tape to make it easier to pick it up.
  • It also allows you to line up a sentiment or word. Listed at $20.00
  • Creative Corners allow aligning your projects. It also helps you create all kinds of off-edge stamping. Priced at about $15.00
  • Mouse Pad is a grid paper covered with an acrylic coating. It can be reused over and over again, Priced at $10.00
  • Replacement Grid pads have 40 sheets of grid paper and is priced at $10.00
  • Replacement magnets, both the bar and super magnets can be purchased, You get 4 round magnets at $6.00 and 1 bar magnet at $8.00
  • Novus Cleaners are the recommended cleaners for Misti. There is a regular cleaner at $7.00 and a scratch remover at $5.00.
  • Replacement stickers for the measurement sides can be purchased if they wear out. You can get them in white at $2,00 and turquoise at $4

    Misti Tips

  • If the magnets on your Misti corners lock together, never pull them apart, slide them apart instead. 
  • Misti corners at each end of your card stock piece make it easy to offset stamps on the edges of your paper,
  • Laminate a piece of the Misti paper that comes with your platform. That way you can just use a baby wipe to wipe off any ink and re-use it. 
  • You can also use a Teflon or silicone craft mat cut down to the size of your Misti instead of the paper. Again, you will be able to wipe it clean.
  • The right angle tool is a perfect way to line up a sentiment. Place the right angle where you want the sentiment. Line up your sentiment stamp and place your cover over the stamp to lift it. Ink the stamp and stamp it. You will have a perfect placement every time.
  • Sizzix  makes a product called sticky grid that can be sized to fit the Mouse Mat. When you place this product over the Mouse Mat and then place your card stock on the paper, the paper will not lift up when you raise the lid. You will also avoid using magnets with this product
  • Use a piece of rolled purple tape to attach your Misti Mat to your Misti, It helps the mat from moving and gives you more accurate stamping/
  • The two magnets have a tendency to crack, so the best idea is to cover them with a little duct tape to preserve them from cracking. Makes it easier to pick them up. Also cover a piece of the bar magnet with a piece of was

Crafters Companion Stamp Platform

The Crafter's Companion Stamping platform not only stamps flawlessly, but offers a unique magnetic base that holds the project securely, so there is a perfect stamped image every time.  It comes with 4 magnets to hold your project in place. The magnetic base is sold separately or you can buy it as a 8" by 8" Platform with a magnetic base.

There are different sized options with different price points to suit your personal needs. 
  • 4" by 4" size Priced at about $16
  • 6" by 6" size Priced at about $ 21
  • 8 " by 8" size Priced at about $27
  • Magnetic Base Priced at about $20
  • 8" by 8" platform with magnetic base-priced at about $30
If you have another platform, you can buy the magnetic base alone.

Fiskars Easy Stamp Press

The Fiskars Stamp Press has been a staple to stampers for a while. It features a grid platform that you can see through. It is 5" by 7". The nice thing about this unit is that you can wash it with a stamp cleaner or mild soap and water. Average price. $19

There is also a 3" by 5" for about $14

The Precision Press

The Precision Press Advanced is the improved version of a previous model. It has a stamping area of &" by 7". It does have an opening that accommodates a 12" by 12" paper. Instead of hinges, it has pegs. The lid becomes in effect an acrylic block. The holes for the pegs are located along each side allowing you to turn the block in any direction that you want.

The acrylic block can be used alone as a stamping block. It has 4 rubber feet to allow for even stamping. Replacement blocks can be purchased, A foam pad and two strong magnets are included in the package, It is Priced at about $55


The product is manufactured by Stampin Up. 
This platform has a stamping area of 7" by 7". It has a foam mat that makes it compatible with both rubber and clear stamps, It has rulers on two sides, The other two sides are open so that you can use larger pieces of paper. Another feature is that there are two strong magnets, stored on the bottom of the unit.

It works with both rubber and acrylic stamps.
The Average Price for the entire tool is $99

Cleaning Your Stamp Platform

It is important to clean your stamp platform properly. That way you will get better results and your platform will last a lot longer.

You can use a Stamp Shammy or a rag with water to clean your stamp platform. You will want to do that as soon as you can. The best solution to clean your stamp platform is archival ink cleaner. This is the most effective solution to get all of the ink off the platform.


Stampers Companion Stamp Press

Fiskars Stamp Press

The Precision  Press