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Affiliate Links And Product Disclosure

Periodically through this blog you will see products listed. These products assist you in making choices for products and suppliers that we recommend.

We, at A Paper Craft Workshop, do not get paid to do any reviews of products.

Links may contain products that we may get paid a commission. This means that if you click and purchase products from this link, I receive a small commission. THIS IS AT NO COST TO YOU.

Any commissions received as a result of A Paper Craft Workshop tip or link for promotonal efforts will not impact options of that product. If through research and /or use of a product proves to be a benefit to the end user, we will promote it. If not, we do not offer it.

Companies may periodically send me a product (such as a new release ) as a gift not a payment. There are no expectations to use them. If I like them and have the time, I will use them. This product is in no way payment for any work.

We will never write a review or promote a product that we feel has no benefit to you. We review what we love.

These commissions help provide support for this blog and will also support future giveaways.

As always, we appreciate your support. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email me.

Bottom line, I will never promote a product that I myself would not use, promise !