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Card Base Quick Tips

Card Base Quick Tips

We all love making those fancy card bases for those extra special cards. They are the foundation of our cards. To make card bases, the most important thing to remember is to use heavy card stock as your base. Never use anything under 65 pounds. I have found that using the fancier folds, I prefer to use 80 pounds or above. That makes a much sturdier base.

You can buy common card bases in different sizes. These bases do save you time but can be costly. 

Another alternative is to cut your cards on your electronic cutting machine. Most of the computer programs attached to these have card bases built in to their programs. I like to cut a bunch ahead of time and have them on hand.

You can also subscribe to monthly card kits. Usually, these kits contain everything you need to make cards. Some include access to videos that help you learn new techniques. They can be pricey, but you can also learn a lot and have everything you need on hand short of some tools.

Here are our favorite ideas for making your own card bases.
  • A good bone folder is essential to getting crisp folds
  • A scoreboard is handy to measure quickly and get even lines. You can use a ruler and a pencil as well
  • Cutting your paper with a good paper trimmer makes even cuts

Picking The Right Card Size

  • Bigger card sizes are perfect for birthdays, invitations, and thank you cards. These are cards where you may have a lot of information on the front.
  • Remember, if you use a usual card size, it may not fit into a standard envelope. 
  • Always think about the amount of postage a larger card may require. If in doubt, have the post office weigh it. There is nothing worse than having a card sent back to you for insufficient postage, 

Special Fold Samples

          The Arrow Fold Card             

Supplies Needed:

  • One 6" by 6" card base. You can make this by using a 12" by 12" piece of cardstock. Cut the card stock in half. Then fold that piece in half  
  • A scoreboard or a ruler and a pencil
  • A bone folder                            


Bridge Fold Card


                                              Center Explosion Card

                                                Double Gatefold Card


Flip Swing Card

Z Fold Card

Double Triangle Fold Card
Front Flap Greeting Card

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