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Welcome to A Paper Craft Workshop !

We are a unique community where everyone is free to learn create and share their paper craft projects!
Our goal has been to gather together the best resources in all types of paper crafts and to share them with our community of like-minded crafters.

Through our Facebook pages, Our Pinterest pages and our website, we have gathered the best of the best to help you learn new skills, create new projects and share them with the community!

We hope that you will join us as we move forward!

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Our Pinterest Boards

We have gathered the best resources on our pinterest boards to help you learn a new paper craft, create something special, or move forward with a craft that you have learned.

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Our Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group is a growing community of like minded individuals who have joined together to share and grow. We have several resources in our group to help you become the crafter you would like to be.

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