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Decoupage Techniques And Ideas

Decoupage technique is simply a technique where you glue a picture to a surface . Then the picture is covered by a decoupage medium that seals the picture in a permanent way.

Decoupage medium is an all in one sealer and glue plus finish. 

Decoupage Steps

  1. Prepare your surface-Make sure that your surface is clean. If it is a wood surface, make sure to sand and clean. Base coat your wood. If it is a thicker paper, you will be fine to use as is. Thinner papers and injet printouts should be sealed with a clear acrylic sealer on both sides first,
  2. Pick the right decoupage medium-If you are unsure which one to use, click here for a formula guide,
  3. Cut the items to fit your surface. Measure and trim your items before applying them to the surface.
  4. Adhere the elements onto the surface of your project with the Modge Podge or other decoupage medium. Always start with the underlying elements and work your way outward. Apply a medium coat of the decoupage medium to the surface. If you use too little, you will get wrinkles.(you can always wipe the excess away )
  5. Smooth away all the bubbles off the surface. Keep smoothing until all the bubbles are gone. Always smoth from the center outwards. Use a squeegee or a decoupage tool for larger pieces.
  6. Let your project dry for about 15-20 minutes.
  7. Add a final protective coat of decoupage medium. Use a sponge or flat brush to apply. 
  8. Allow to dry. Repeat the final coat at least twice, drying between coats. 
  9. If you experience any tackiness, or want to add durability, add a coat of clear spray or brush on sealer. Allow to dry.

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