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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Paper Flower Basics With Tips

Paper Flower Basics

There are dozens of ways to create paper flowers

If you are a paper crafter, at some point you at going to want to make some paper flowers. They can be used to make arrangements for seasons, to make as gifts, to craft like a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, or baby shower. There are so many shapes, colors, and sizes that you can create. Whatever your need is, there are paper flowers to create.

The first thing to consider is the kind of cardstock you should use. For the best results, you should consider using good quality cardstock. I have had the best results with 176 gram/ 65 lb weighted paper. I also have used 80 lb paper with great results. Never go above 8o lb paper, The paper will be difficult to create and form your flowers. It is just too have to work with. There are so many colors and textures to chose from. Take time to visit different craft paper sources to get the best paper at the best prices. 

There are some flowers that are made with crepe paper. We will cover those in a different post.

What Kinds Of Flowers Can You Make?

There are many different types and sizes of flowers that can be made. Here are the most popular:

  • Giant Flowers- they are about the largest flowers that you can make. They are generally used as wall or backdrop decor. You can use them for a wedding, a special birthday, prom or special occasion decorations.
  • Rolled Flowers- These flowers are cut usually from an SVG file and then rolled with a quilling tool to form a flower.
  • Tissue Paper Flowers- These are created from pieces of tissue paper
  • Crepe paper Flowers-Flowers formed from crepe paper
  • Die Cut Flowers-Shapes and layers cut in a die cutting machine
  • Quilled Flowers-Uses specific paper shapes to create 3 D flower forms
  • Layered Flowers-Shapes that are cut or punched, then layered on top of one another
  • Foam Flowers-Die cut or hand cut with foam, shaped into petals and formed with a tool

How Much Paper Will I Need?

The amount of paper you will need depends largely on the type and size of the flower you are making. It also depends on how you are cutting your flowers, Using an electronic cutting machine verses hand cutting, There will actually be less waste using a cutting machine over hand cutting your project.

For rolled flowers, the amount of paper you will need depends on the size of the flower, If you are using an electronic cutting machine, you will be able to get several flowers on either a small sheet or a full-sized sheet of 12-12 inch paper,

Using 8.5 inches by ii inch paper, for smaller flowers, you can figure on:
  • 1 -2 pieces for petals
  • :1-2 pieces for the center
  • 1-2 pieces for leaves

Giant Flowers will take a lot more cardstock than standard flowers, Based on using 8.5 inch by 11 inch cardstock, you will need

  • 16-17 sheets for the petals for extra-large giant flowers
  • 10-11 sheets for a large giant flower
  • 5-6 sheets for a medium giant flower
Giant rose designs will take about 20% more paper because you have to build out the rose centers.

Not Just Paper More Paper Flower Materials

It's not just about cardstock anymore. Flowers can be made of more materials. Think about paper plates, coffee filters, tea bags, brown paper bags and more.

Coffee filters are fun because you can dye them with watered-down paint, sprays, and food coloring.

Beyond those materials, you can create flowers from felt too. The ribbon has also been popular for creating flowers. Leather and Fabric are other options for making creative flowers.

Other Supplies That You Will Need To Create Flowers

There are a few extra supplies that you will need to have on hand to create your paper flower projects

  • A sharp pair of scissors if you are not using a cutting machine, Dull scissors will but cut the petals cleanly. You will be disappointed with the results..Make scutting machine sure that your electronic cutting machine blade is sharp, You can push it through a ball of aluminum foil about 20 times to make sure that it is good and sharp.
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Tacky glue will also hold your flowers together. It dries quickly.
  • Thin wooden dowel or bone folder to curl your leaves
  • Shape makers for forming petals. 
  • Fringe scissors are used to create detailed flower centers
  • Pinking shears can add detail to the edges of some flower centers
  • Detail scissors are useful to add small interact cuts
  • Quilling tools-used to create rolled paper flowers
  • Inks and ink blender tools used to distress the edges of flower petals
  • Wire for stems if you are making a bouquet or a corsage
  • Floral tape to cover the wire
  • Ribbon to add to any corsage, wreath, or other arrangements
  • Wreath bases come in a variety of sizes and materials
  • Shaper tools that help create shapes in petals

Cutting Your Flowers

If you are hand cutting your flowers you will want to use PDF templates, There are so many available free on the internet. Just type in your browser ...Free Template for (whatever flower you are looking for)

There are also templates that you can purchase. Most of these templates are reasonable, Once you have owned them, You can print the template on your paper. Or you can print the template and create one on cardboard that you can trace over and over again.

If you are using an electronic cutting machine, then the program on your platform may include some flower files already. If not, you can import SVG files to help you create your flowers.

Another option to making flowers is to use a stamp and die-cut combination. You get the detail of the stamped image perfectly cut every time. Some companies sell them together. Most often than not, they are separate purchases. The advantage to this way of making flowers is the die cuts are made to cut the stamped flowers perfectly. This method saves a lot of time if you are making large batches of flowers. 

Another option on electronic cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette is a feature called Spring then cut. This means that the flower would be printed on the cardstock. Then cut perfectly on the cutting machine. There are marks in the paper that tell the machine exactly how to cut the flowers. 

Of course, craft punches also cut flowers. Some punches cut all the pieces for a single flower in one punch. These are perfect for using all those little scraps of paper that you have left!

Files To Cut Flowers

While we are at it, let's talk about the types of files that are available to help you create flowers. While many files are offered free, they are considered the work of the person who created them. And yes, there are copyright laws that have an effect on their use. Often the file is offered for your use only. That means that you can use the file for your personal use. You cannot share the file with anyone. But you can direct another person to the website or page where you found it. 

You can only use it for commercial use-meaning that you use it to make something to sell if the person allows you to do so. In many cases, an artist will offer to allow you to use the file for commercial use for a small fee.

There are plenty of free files and flower tutorials. Just type in the specific variety or type of flower you are looking for. 

PDF Templates

A PDF template is a common file that allows you to create a template to cut flowers or you can print the file right onto the paper that is loaded into your printer. If you print directly on cardstock or other paper, allow time for the paper to dry. 

You can also make a cardboard template that you can keep on file for future use.

SVG Files

These are files that you can import to an electronic cutting machine. You have to be a little knowledge about how to open a zip file and how to import a file into your computer. But these are skills that can be easily learned in a matter of minutes.

As you look around and find different websites that feature flower tutorials, you will see that you can gain access to a lot more information and files by signing up for that individual's email notification or newsletter. Don't sign up for every site that you see, Look around first and decide how often and how many notifications you want to receive.

What Is The Right Adhesive For Paper Flowers

There are plenty of options when it comes to ag\dhesives for making flowers.

Glue Guns

Glue guns are popular because the glue dries very quickly. There are a large variety of glue gun features. and sizes. Some have options when it comes to heat settings. Some are cordless which is a nice feature. 

My favorite tip about glue guns is simple. Use the longest glue stick that you can get. Short glue sticks are frustrating because you have to stop in the middle of your project to reload. 

You will want to use a craft mat on your work surface when using a glue gun. That way any drips will settle on the mat and are easily cleaned off, If you do not have a mat, use a piece of parchment paper taped down with some low tack tape.

You will also want to have a heat-resistant surface to place your heat gun on. I have a large tile that I use on top of my craft mat. There are special glue gun holders that you can purchase. You could also use a large ceramic plate. 

Tacky Glue

If you are making crepe Paper flowers, tacky glue is the best option, If you are in the process of gluing a lot of flowers or petals at one time, pour a small amount of the glue into a bowl or cup, Use a piece of wire or the end of a paintbrush to apply the glue to your flower. 

How frustrating is a clogged nozzle at the end of your glue bottle? Sometimes you can just peal the glue off the top. When your bottle is empty, clean the nozzle in warm water and set it aside. That way you will always have a clean nozzle to use. 

  • Make sure to close or replace the cap when you are not using it. That will help keep your glue in good shape to the very last of it.
  • Let the glue air dry a few seconds before you place the pieces together. That will help the pieces stick together better.
  • Give it time to dry. Try not to handle the pieces, That will help against slipping.
  • Store your glues upside down. That way when you go to use them, the glue will come right out.

Glue Pens

These are used when there are fine lines or small amounts of glue in a specific part of a flower.

Supply List

Here are some products that may be helpful in making your flowers. We offer these products for your convenience. We may receive compensation for purchases made From this site at no expense to you. . All earnings are used to enhance this community, Thanks for your support!

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Articles And Tutorials

We have just scratched the surface of how to make flowers. Watch for more information and tips in the coming days! Meanwhile, Happy Crafting !

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