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Cardstock Storage Quick Tips

Organizing your card stock is not a fun project, but one that yields unending benefits ! You may be partially organized or not organized at all. But having a system will save you time that can be devoted to the fun sides of your hobby.

There are two ways to organize your cardstock. You can store it either vertically or horizontally, Vertically , you would store it in a tower system. Horizontally, you would store it on a shelf.

Horizontal Systems

In a horizontal system, the paper is easy to see and access but takes a lot of shelf space,
  1. Umbrella Craft Paper trays with or without lips
  2. 12 x 12 cube system
  3. Magazine storage units
  4. Pizza boxes
  5. Cropper Hopper

Vertical System

In a vertical system, the system runs from top to bottom , While this system takes less space, the system also causes more dust on the paper. The other problem with this system is that in a stackable unit, it may be difficult to get the paper out of the trays. However with limited space issue, this is still a good alternative.

To solve the dust issue either take one sheet of paper and place it into a page protector on top of the stack of each paper holder. Or just place a page protector that is the size of the paper holder on top of the stack.
  1. Hanging file folders in rolling carts
  2. Storage Studio paper holders
  3. 12 x 12 wire cube system
  4. Desk top files
  5. Wood shelves system like Ikea
  6. Metal, fabric or woven baskets
  7. Zip top bags that you hang from skirt hangers
Now that you have decided your system, it's time to decide how you are going to organize your paper.

Sharpie ink can be used to label some containers in your space. If you need to change the label name. the ink comes off some plastics with rubbing alcohol. Make a mark on the bottom of the container and try to remove it before you make the labeling permanent

Sorting Your Card Stock

There are several ways to sort your card stock. It's up to you to decide what works best in your space.
  1. By Brand-This system works for anyone who is really into specific product lines.
  2. By Color-If you think in specific colors, this will work for you
  3. By Theme-If you think in categories like butterflies, flowers, ect. this is for you
  4. By Mood-Things like happy or energetic what ever mood you think about,
Or you can use combinations of the systems. You could sort by brand and then by color

Storing Your Scraps

If you are like most of us, you have plenty of scraps after you finish your paper craft projects. And if you are like most of us, you have plenty of containers with those scraps laying all over the place. The fact is, id you have card stock, you have scraps. The problem ism how to store them so that you can find them when you need them. 

I know that I hate to throw any paper away. I am a true hoarder. But for me, I feel the need to use my paper wisely. One because paper is so expensive. Two, because trees are used and I feel the responsibility to conserve what I have. Since I use a system to store my paper that will hold all my scraps, I keep them all. You have to decide the limits of what you are willing to keep.

The most common way to store your scraps is by color. But you can also store by size. You can also store things like types of prints, It is up to what works best for you.

The nest thing to do after you have decided how to sort your scraps id\s to take on the task of doing it. First, gather every scrap you own and dump them on a large table or bed. Next, using the system that you have decided on, start making piles they way you plan to store them. Get rid of anything that is torn, ugly or something you know you will never use.

Now for storage. I personally like to use the ziplock one gallon freezer bags, They hold a lot and are sturdy. I have my colors in a file drawer in my desk/

Here are some other ideas that you could use:

  • Vertical organizers
  • 3 ring binder with page protectors
  • A scrapbook with protectors that open at the top
  • Expandable file folders
  • Multi-bin literature holders
  • Envelopes
  • A Scraprack
Believe me, once you get your card stock organized, you will be glad that you took them time to get it done, Less time looking for supplies means more time for crafting.