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Vellum Quick Tips

Ways To Use Vellum

There are a few ways that you can use vellum in your projects. 
  • Add dimension and layering by adding layers of vellum. 
  • Use it to mat photos for a soft effect on scrapbook pages. 
  • You can also place a piece of vellum over a photo to create an interesting effect.
  • Make pockets on scrapbook pages, Being able to see in the pocket will make the viewer want to see more
  • Print or write on your vellum. You can use a quote, a sentiment or a saying. If you are using your own handwriting, slip some lined paper behind your vellum to get straight lines.

Vellum Tips And Ideas

  • You can use a vellum piece cut to the size of your card, Glue a piece of white cardstock folded over in the size you want on the inside of the card and on the rear portion of the card. The glue from the inside piece will not show that way.
  • Always use a heavier weight vellum if you are going to use it as part of a card. Use a heavy hand when you are using your bone folder so that you get a crisp line
  • Wash your hands before working with vellum. The oil from your hands can transfer onto the paper. 
  • Use sharp scissors and punches on your vellum. Otherwise you may get a ragged cut

Not all pens, pencils and markers will work on vellum. Use on a piece of scrap vellum to determine which products will work.


  • If you want to stamp on vellum. gel markers and those that are used for scrapbooking will often work
  • You can use permanent  markers like Copics, Spectrum Noir or Sharpies to color your images. 
  • Heat set your colored image to make sure that it is completely dry before handling it


  • High quality colored pencils and chalks will work on vellum.
  • If you want a softer look, color your image from the back side


  • Chose a pigment ink if you want to rubber stamp on vellum, but give it plenty of time to dry.


  • You can emboss on vellum with embossing ink, embossing powder and a heat dryer. If you are using a heat gun, make sure that the heat gun is warmed up before you use it.
  • You can add additional background embossing around your colored image. Use a metallic color to make the images stand out. Do one corner at a time.

Adhering Vellum

Because you can see through vellum, most tapes and glue adhesives will show through the transparent paper. One option would be to use normal adhesives and then hide it behind something like a ribbon, decorative paper, a sticker or a title. 

The second option would be to attach it with a brad, some eyelets, stitching or ribbon. You can also use specialty adhesives made for vellum.