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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Cute Unicorn Card


Today I need to create a bright and cheerful birthday card for my great granddaughter who is turning three. I wanted something that would express her great grandpa's and my love for her. We also wanted something that would catch her attention.

The stamp set was one that I got from a magazine. It was one of those sets that often is included when you get stamping magazines. So, I am unable to identify it. It also had the hearts, flowers and a mouse and dolphin (more about the dolphin on another day. The set also had some dies for the animals, but not for the flowers.


  • Ninah white cardstock base 6" by 6"
  • Pink cardstock
  • Detail scissors
  • Pencil
  • Deep pink organza ribbon
  • Double sided tape
  • White clear tacky glue
  • White PVA glue
  • Metallic markers
  • Light grey alcohol marker
  • Red glitter glue
  • White Pop Dots
  • Blue Pop Dots
  • Altenew Crisp Black Crisp Dye Ink
  • Altenew Heart Beat Crisp Dye Ink
  • Altenew Deep Iris Crisp Dye Ink
  • Altenew Honey Drizzle Crisp Dye Ink
  • Altnew Puffy Heart Crisp Dye Ink
  • Misti stamping tool
  1. Create the base for your card with white cardstock
  2. Cut the piece of pink cardstock at 6" by 5 1/2 "
  3. Cut a second piece of white cardstock at 4" by 4 1/2"
  4. Stamp the unicorn (or any other animal) and set aside for a minute or two to dry
  5. Once the stamp is dry, Die cut the shape
  6. Color the mane, horn and tail with the metallic markers
  7. Outline the body and the head of the unicorn with the light grey alcohol ink
  8. Add red glitter glue to the heart on the side of the unicorn's body and set it aside to dry
  9. Stamp the flower shapes with the ink colors you want the flower's to be
  10. Set them aside to dry. Then cut them out with the detailed scissors.
  11. Place a small dab of the pops of color to the center of the flowers.
  12. Set them aside to dry
  13. Once the unicorn is dry, place it on the card where it is meant to go
  14. Make 4 very light marks on the top and side with a pencil
  15. Now stamp the hearts above the card with the black ink
  16. Once that is dry, Fill the hearts in with the red glitter glue
  17. Using the red ink pad, outline the pink cardstock
  18. Stamp and outline the sentiment as well
  19. Attach the ribbon to the card base and the pink card
  20. Using double sided tape, adhere the pink cardstock to the base
  21. Attach the flowers to the smaller white cardstock
  22. Attach the unicorn with glue dots to give some dimension. Make sure to erase any pencil marks with a white eraser.
  23. Attach the sentiment to the card as shown
  24. Create a bow and adhere it to the card with tacky glue

Card Tips For This Project

  1. 1. A good od detail scissors is a essential tool for paper crafters. When cutting small, detailed pieces, work the paper around and into the paper for better results.
  2. 80 to 90 lb cardstock will work just fine
  3. When adding ribbon to a card, try wrapping it around and taping it on the front. Then cover it with elements of the design. You will get a nice Wrap on the back side of the card front.
  4. When gluing on a bow, only apply a little dab to the back of the bow, Then, then cover it with a clear plate from your die cutting machine. That wat, the bow will not slide
  5. If you do not have a heart stamp, free stand some hearts with the glitter glue. You can draw them with a light pencil mark first if you do not want to free hand it.
  6. Before you start adding elements and embellishments to the card, make sure that the opening of the card is in the right location. We all have made that mistake once or twice.
  7. On the really tiny stamps keep a gentle touch when you stamp them
  8. Only use an acrylic block slightly larger than the stamp itself, this will help you avoid any smearing.
 In the end, I added some grey glitter glue to the mane, tail and hoofs.

Want to find the products I used? I have listed them below. (Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you) Thank you for your support! All products were personally purchased Click on the icons below each product picture to go to a favorite store.

That was a lot, but the results make up for all the effort! We hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial. 

Till we meet again, 
Happy Crafting!