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Marker Quick Tips

Markers are a staple in every paper crafters tool box. To be able to use markers for the right project, you need to understand what they are and what they do. First and foremost there are permanent markers and non permanent markers.Non -permanent markers give a solid line that is fast drying but can be wiped away with water or a damp cloth. Marker pens with permanent ink will give a solid line of color that is quick drying. Plus it is water and smudge resistant.

Why is that important? Well, if you wanted to do a mixed media project that included water color, water color pencils or any water based project, using the wrong marker, would make your project go  a different way than you may have planned.

Types Of Markers

Water Based Markers- Are very useful when you want to add color but it is not essential for the image to be fade resistant or permanent. They are similar to water color paint. The ink in this pen is not water resistant, so it can be blended with a blender pen, water brush, or paint brush and water.

They most often have acid free ink which makes them useful for scrapbooks, calligraphy  and journals.

Some have brush tips, others have chisel tips or small round bristles. Many brush markers have two tips, one on each end. Some have a wider tip on one end and a fine tip on the other.

Some of the most popular types of these markers include, Staedtler, Pitt, Pentel Brush Pens, Marvey and Artistic Pens.

Alcohol  Markers-Are perfect for blending and layering color. Can be used as a permanent color on all kinds of surfaces. They are fast drying and waterproof. Because they dry so quick, your paper is less likely to tear with multiple applications of ink.

Some of the most popular markers are Prismacolor, Tria, Copic and Spectrum Noir. Sharpies are also considered alcohol markers.

Solvent Markers-They create superior color and are water proof. They are also considered long lasting. Since they contain chemicals that can cause dizziness, headaches and nausea,  they must be used in a well ventilated area.

Embossing Markers-Are a water based marker made for use with embossing powders. THe colors are bright and the ink is slow drying. Color can be added after the image is stamped, or directly to the image on the stamp.

The weight of the paper does count ! When stamping and coloring images, the heavier the paper, the better the results.

Coloring Your Stamped Images

  • Stamp the image on your card stock with black or dark ink. Allow to dry or heat the outline of the embossed image after applying the embossing powder. Color the stamped or embossed image with water based markers or pigment markers.
  • Instead of coloring the image after you have stamped it, color the stamp with your markers instead. Do not use permanent markers when coloring directly onto the die of your stamps. They dry too quickly, and also stain the rubber. Add versatility to your stamp usage by coloring only a portion of the stamp design, using only the parts that will fit your theme.
  • Use a blender pen to lightly pull the color from the outline of the stamp into the inside portions, giving a monotone look with different shades of the same color.

Popular Brands Of Markers

Copic Markers

Copic markers are considered a permanent marker manufactured by the Too Corporation. They come in several types of markers. These markers have replaceable nibs. They are sold as singles or in sets.

  1. Copic Sketch- These markers come in a very wide color range of 358 colors. They feature a medium broad and brush nib tip. Alcohol based ink with some flourescent choices. 
  2. Copic Ciao-Has the same features as the sketch, but at a more affordable price. Alcohol based ink. has 180 colors. Has a super brush and medium broad nib. 
  3. Copic Classic-widely used by paper crafters, these were their original line Has 214 colors. Has both both broad and fine tipped nib, It is refillable.
  4. Copic Wide-This marker comes with a 3/4 " wide nib. Generally  used for coloring large areas.

Spectrum Noir Markers

Spectrum Noir markers are alcohol markers that are manufactured by Crafter's Companion, They are translucent so they blend easily. They dry quickly and can be used on paper, card, wood, textiles, plastic, metal and more.

There are two nibs on the ends of these markers. One is a broad tip for coloring larger areas. The other is a bullet nib for fine line coloring. They are refillable and the nibs can be replaced. So while you are making an investment in these markers, you will have them for a long time.

There are 216 colors in this collection. They come in sets.

Aqua Color Markers
Spectrum Noir also manufactures an Aqua Color Marker System. These are water based dye colors. They have a brush tip as well as a ultra fine tip. There is a 48 color range.They are purchased in sets.

Illustrator Markers

This set of markers are for more serious illustrators. These markers have about 25% more ink.There are 216 colors in the system. They can be purchased singly or in sets.

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