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Zentangle Quick Tips

Zentangle is an easy way to create beautiful images with structured patterns. Each pattern is called a tangle.You create tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S curves and orbs. 

Patterns that are drawn on small pieces of paper are called tiles.

Starting With Zentangle

  1. Every zentangle starts the same way. You put one dot in each coner of your paper.
  2. Connect the dots with a pencil making a straight or curvey line. This square creates your frame or border
  3. Within the frame, make a line or several lines within the frame. This lines are called strings. Your strings should go from one boarder to the other
  4. Within those strings, you design your tangle or pattern
  5. Tangles are drawn with pens within the strings 
  6. Add shading to your tangles with a graphite pencil. This adds dimension to your piece.

Zentangle Tips

  • Fine tip pens work best. If you want to add color to your art, then you can use fine tip sharpie pens & extra fine tipped pens
  • Instead of making grids with lines, you can outline a cup to make circle grids. Make sure to overlap the circles.
  • If you want to create a design on a full sheet of paper, start your design in the center of the page. That way you can leave the outside white as a border if it becomes to much to finish.
  • Vary your pattern designs by thin, thick, dark & light. That way you’ll have some depth & balance to your art.
  • Use shading to add dimension and depth to your tangles.

What To Do With Your Zentangle Art

  • Cut it up and make it into a greeting card
  • Frame it as a piece of artwork
  • Modge Podge them into coasters or on wood
  • Modge Podge them onto a plate
  • Use them in an art journal
  • Laminate them and use them as placemats or coasters or just weird surfaces to color on for your kids
  • Cut them up and collage them

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