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Nuvo Drops And Enamel Dots

Manufactured by Tonic Studios, Nuvo Drops have become one of the hottest products on the market. They can be used for scrapbooks, cards and all other paper crafts. They come in a crystal and glitter formula. There are also Nuvo Drops as Jewel Drops and Glow Drops.

Nuvo Jewel Drops creates a translucent tinted drop
Crystal Drops have a pearlescent sheen
Crystal Gloss have a glossy finish similar to the Ranger Enamel Drops

Enamel Dots

Ranger Products makes a similar product called Enamel Dots. They are very similar to the Nuvo Drops Crystal Gloss. They come in 12 colors including black and white. They Can be purchased individually or in a set. They are slightly less dimentional than the Nuvo drops, But the difference is so small, it is not noticeable.Shake before use to spread the enamel through the product.

How To Use Dots And Drops

  1. Squeeze a little liquid onto a scratch piece of paper to make sure the flow of the liquid is steady.
  2. Hold the bottle about 1mm directly over your paper or surface and squeeze to the desired amount. (Don’t put the nozzle directly on your paper, or you risk creating a donut shape instead of a dot.)
  3. Lift the bottle straight up once you’re done squeezing. If your drop is shaped like a peak, no worries, it will level out as it dries.
Do not hold the tip of the bottle against the paper or you will get a donut hole.

Glitter Drops appear white when first coming out of the container. That is because the medium suspends the glitter in it. Once it is dried, the medium will appear clear and you will see the glitter effect.

It is best to allow the drops to dry overnight so that they do not flatten.

Ways To Use Drops And Dots

Use Them As An Embellishment

Probably my favorite way to use these drops is as an embellishment. You can create little drops to enhance almost anything that you create. 

One fun way to use them is when you use an embossing folder, highlight the design with tiny drops.

Highlight or create dimension to a flower with a few tiny drops

Use them as berries on a holiday card

Create water bubbles with clear drops.If you want to add several drops that are connected to each other, first add a center one and let it dry. Then add the other two drops on the side

To create an enamel dot, use wax paper, a non stick craft mat or a glass mat. Squeeze some dots onto the surface of your mat. Allow to dry one to three hours. Remove the enamel drops gently and store in a cool place for later use.

Create a heart with Nuvo Drops. Squeeze two drops of the same size onto a non stick surface (glass mat, none stick mat or wax paper). Make sure that the dots are very close together. Use a pin to drag the liquid of both circles downward to meet at a center. Allow to dry.

You can make a line of drops as an embellishment. Squeeze the first drop onto your project. Squeeze the next drop (of equal size)onto the surface, barely touching the first drop. Continue to create your line. You can use the same color or any combination of color.

Make a custom design from just about anything. Place the design on your work space. Place a piece of acetate or glass over the design. Use your drops to outline and fill in the design. Allow to dry completely before using them. It takes very little of the product to create the design. So use a light hand.

Use Them To Fill In A Background

Another way to use them is to fill in sections of shapes like a butterfly or another image. You can also use them to fill in a word or phrase.


Nuvo Drops

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