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Prayer Journaling

Prayer Journaling is another form of journaling that is very specific to our conversations with God. They document our thoughts and prayers. They are a diary of the things we have prayed for and what we would like to pray for. They take us into a closer and more meaningful conversation with our maker.  They can include Bible quotes, words of faith and inspiration, artwork, and thoughts. They can include formal prayers or those that you have written yourself.

They can include prayers that you have prayed and prayers that have been answered. Remember, though, sometimes prayers are answered by God in different ways.

Before you begin your prayers and journaling, find a quiet place where you will be able to devote your time and space to meditation, thought, and prayer.

You can purchase a specialized prayer journal that is all ready to go, or you can create one for yourself with a three-ring binder or composition book. Or you can purchase any number of journals that you can divide and create within.

What Size Should Your Prayer Journal Be?

That is a matter of personal preference. You can create or purchase the size that is right for your space at home or one that tucks in your purse or backpack. 
You can decide the type of prayer journal that is right for you. It can be a simple notebook, a three-ring binder, a journal you make yourself, or just about anything that has paper in it.

Online Prayer Journaling

I like having something in my hands to journal with. But I recognize that this is the digital age and people love their apps. So, yes you can prayer journal online.

Benefits Of Your Prayer Journal

Adding time to journal in your prayer journal may prove difficult at first. But the benefits outweigh the time factor in your daily routine,

  • It is a reminder to take the time to spend with God having private conversations.
  • It organizes your prayers helping you to remember who, what, and where you prayed and what needs additional prayer
  • Keeps you focused on what you are praying for. How many times have you been in prayer and had your mind drifted off? Having that prayer journal in front of you keeps you focused on the task at hand.
  • It reminds us that God does answer prayers. We can see the actual results.

  • It helps us to remember those who we have told verbally that we will pray for them. It helps us keep our prayer promises.

Buying A Prayer Journal

There are many different prayer journals that you can purchase. Prices are fairly reasonable for these items. Start by looking to see what is available. Search through Amazon and look at the different books and what they offer. Look at the price range. Once you decide the type of journal that is right for you, start looking through the internet and find the best journal that fits your needs.

DIY Prayer Journal

You can use the three-ring binder method, or you can use a dot journal. This is a blank bound journal that you divide into sections and use similar to a bullet journal. This is a totally customized prayer journal that you create for yourself. 

Just take the total amount of pages in your journal and divide them up according to your needs. You can have pages for individuals, a gratitude page separate page, or pages for answered prayers.

I like to have a page for each day. Within that page, I like to have the date, what I prayed for that day, what prayers were answered, and what I was grateful for that day. That way it is a journal for that day. I like to tab them by month. If you want to save pages, you can use a half-page. I like to add doodles and artwork. Having a dot journal helps me define the sections of my day.

Supplies For A Three Ring Binder Prayer Journal

  • A three-ring binder- I like one with a plastic cover that can slip some artwork into
  • Filler paper
  • Binder pockets
  • Heavyweight sheet protectors
  • Dividers- Make one for each day of the week
  • Colored pencils
  • Set of illustrating or writing markers
Have a favorite quote or Bible passage on the first page of your binder.  
Section off your binder into sections. You can do these in any order that is pleasing to you.
  • Praise
  • Rest
  • Asking Forgiveness
  • Daily Prayers
  • Weekly Prayers
  • Requests
Another way to divide your binder prayer journal is by tab days with prayer intentions for that day. Each section would have pages for that specific day.

  • Monday is for family
  • Tuesday is for friends
  • Wednesday is for special intentions
  • Thursday is for Church and missionaries
  • Friday is for our nation
  • The weekends could be for the world at large.
You can also have a section for Praise and Gratitude. The idea is to customize your days with the intentions that are best suited to you.

Printable Pages For Your Binder System

Sections For Your Prayer Journal

Like any other journal, you can keep it simple or make your journal more elaborate. It is strictly up to you how you use it, here are some ideas and suggestions for making your journal customized for your needs.

Prayer Tracker: This is a monthly page that can be added to your journal. It is columns for every day of the month. You can add a list of those things which you are praying for daily. Then you can check off on that day when you were able to accomplish those prayers.

Weekly Prayer Intentions: This is a page that you could do on Saturday or Sunday to list your prayer intentions for that week

Prayers that you have written: This is a section where you write out the prayers you have prayed with the date you wrote that prayer. Re-read these a week letter. Thank God for prayers that have been answered. Continue to pray for the rest.

Bible Verses to Memorize: An ongoing list of verses

What Should Be Included In Your Prayer Journal?

This is your journal and of course, you can customize it to your needs. Here are a few suggestions to include in your daily prayer journal. Structured sections will help you have a less cluttered design and enable you to focus on the task at hand. 
  1. The date of your entry
  2. Ask God for His guidance before you start
  3. One or two things that you are grateful for that day
  4. People that you want to pray for
  5. Some short term and long term prayer requests
  6. Answers that you have received for your prayers.
  7. A Bible verse that inspired you
  8. Personal Struggles
  9. What God might be telling you.

What Can You Pray For And Journal

The list of things that you can pray for is endless. I always try to start by thanking God for all the good things and the generosity that He has given to me

  • I thank Him for the day I have been given 
  • Thank Him for your blessings
  • Praise Him in at least one sentence or more
  • Pray for your needs
  • Journal any questions that you have and request an answer
  • Journal your answered prayers
  • Pray for world stability and specific world problems
  • Pray for those that are sick or have special challenges
  • Include any dreams that you may have for your future and pray over it
  • Pray for a resolution for a problem you or others are facing
  • Pray for a better understanding of a situation
  • Pray for those who have hurt you in some way
  • Pray for a relationship 
  • Pray for your future
Remember to journal the way God has answered your prayers. It may not be the outcome you were hoping for or even praying for, but there is always a reason behind what happens.  

Free Printable Prayer Journals

There are prayer journals that you can download just for the asking. Most require your email address and name, but the prayer journal itself is free. While this often adds you to an email list, you can always delete your account at a later time by hitting the unsubscribe button in the email.

Tips For Prayer Journals

  • Before you get started, clear your mind. Do a brain dump so that you come to prayer focused on God and your time in prayer.
  • Begin with a prayer asking for the Lord's guidance. It will open the channel to God.
  • Try to find a quiet place where you can pray without interruption. Remember, God is with you wherever you are.
  • Praise God in your prayers, knowing that with Him all things are possible.
  • Remember to give thanks for answered prayers. Showing gratitude is only right.
  • Try to make your prayer journal a daily habit. It will strengthen your bond to your Creator
  • Pray for particular needs. Do not be vague.
  • Keep your journal in a place where you will see it.
  • Only journal at your optimum time of day. If you are a morning person, journal in the a.m. If you are a nite owl, use that time to use your prayer journal.

Prayer Journal Articles

We could not possibly cover this all in one page, so here are some more resources to help you get started and grow in your prayer journal

Printable Prayer Journal Pages

These printable pages are free for your personal use. All you have to do is print one page. Copy it as much as you need, then keep the page a file, so that you can copy it later on.

Digital Prayer Journaling