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Scissors Quick Tips

If you are a paper crafter, then like me, you probably collect scissors. I know that I seem to gather scissors like crazy. We thought we would share a few ideas about scissors that might help you no matter what stage of paper crafter you might be

Kinds Of Scissors ( including our personal recommendations)

  1. Non Stick scissors -Every one should have at least one pair of nonstick scissors. They can cut through tape and anything related. You simply do not get the adhesive gunk on your scissors.
  2. Mixed media scissors (a little heavier than regular scissors) They are used to cut chipboard, cardboard, and magnetic board. 
  3. Fabric scissors are generally sharper. Good if you are using felt or fabric in your projects. You do not want to use these on anything but fabric.
  4. Pinking shears are used to keep fabric from fraying. You might use these if you are into mixed media.
  5. Fringed Scissors- Used to make fringe on paper


Cleaning Your Scissors

  • Clean your scissors with alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.

Cutting With Scissors

  • Always move your paper rather than moving the scissors. You will get a better cut

Sharpening Your Scissors

  • Cut through sand paper a few times to sharpen scissors

Storing Scissors

  • Use a mug stand to store scissors. You ca often get one in your local thrift store

Decorative Scissors

A good tip for using the scissors is to not cut quite all the way to the tip when you are cutting. Stop a short distance from the end and then realign the scissors to continue cutting.  Cutting all the way to the end can cause the paper to tear instead of cut.