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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

 Feminine Card Collection

Level 1 Final Project

I am continuing my journey in the Altenew Educator course with this collection of cards on the fminine side. I am sharing my collection today in hopes that you really look at the stamps and die cuts that you have and create something from your heart to share with another.

The Stamp/Stencil Set For This Project

The stamp set that I used is part of a collection set from Altenew called the Folk Flowers Stencil and Die Bundle. The actual flower and leaf images are created with a layered stencil set. The stencil set is marked with numbers 1-3. That way you will always know to use the right one in each step of your project.

The stamp set included in the bundle gives detail to the leaves and flowers. There are also sentiment stamps included. A die is part of the package that allows you to cut the flowers and leaves very quickly and easily. 

Tips For Using Layered Stencils

  1. Make sure to use a low tack tape to tape your stencil to the paper as well as to the workspace. You can also use pixie spray
  2. Follow the direction of the stencil. You will see the number of the stencil, so that is your orientation.
  3. Take the extra time to line up the stencil
  4. Use enough ink to get good color
  5. Use brushes or ink blending tool to get the best results.
  6. Give the design time to dry

The Inks Used For The Collection

For this collection, I used a lot of my favorite inks to give color to the flowers. These are Altenew Crisp Dye inks which work very well for the layered stencils in my cards.

The colors that I used were:
  • Galactic Stream Crisp Dye Ink
  • Maple Yellow Crisp Dye Ink
  • Snapdragon Crisp Dye Ink
  • Just Green Crisp Dye Ink
  • Firefly Crisp Dye Ink
  • Moss Crisp Dye Ink

Card #1-Framed Flowers

Card Base

Card base measures 6"by 6"
Window Opening is 4" by 4"
Inside window piece is 6" by 6 "

I had this window card in my stash, but you could easily create a window of any size with the right die cut into the front of the card.

  1.  Using the layered stencils in the correct order, I stenciled all of the page. Set it aside to dry.
  2. Once it was dry, I used the dot stamp and stamped random dots on the image. 
  3. Used some Stickles on the dots to add some glitter to the project
  4. I stenciled some extra images to use as embellishments.
  5. Stamped the detail stamp onto the image and added some 
  6. I added the window panel to the inside of the frame using double sided tape.
  7. Used the charming die to cut and layer the sentiment on the frame of the card.
  8. I added the embellishment flowers on three of the corners. The leaves were added with double sided tape and the flowers were added with foam dots to give them dimension.
  9. I glued some sequins around the flowers and added some Neuvo drops in the sequins for color.

Card # 2-Layered Bouquet

Card Base

The card base measures 6" by 6"
Layer 1 measures 5 7/8 by 5 7/8
Layer 2 measures 5 1/2 by 5 1/2
Layer 3 measures 5" by 5"
Diamond measures 2 1/2 by 2 1/2

This was a fun card to make because it is so colorful and fun. I added the Altenew Gold Pin Stripped washi tape for some extra color and dimension to the card.
  1. I used the layered stencils to create the flowers for the card bouquet.
  2. After they were dry and die cut, I added some Stickles accents to the flowers and set them adise to dry 
  3. Once cut, I added layers 1-2 on on the base with double sided tape.
  4. I added the washi tape to layer three and then layered that on top of layer two wirh the double side tape.
  5. I used an embossing folder on plain green cardstock 
  6. I took some gold glitter glue and spread it on the cardstock. Set it aside to dry
  7. While that was drying, I arranged the flowers on layer three using foam dots to give the bouquet dimension.
  8. I die cut the square from the glittered cardstock. I turned it so that it was a diamond. 
  9. 'I I stamped the hello sentiment and glued it onto the square.
  10. The diamond was applied to the card with double sided tape. 
  11. Added gold \sequins and Neuvo drops to finish the card.

Card #3-Circle Gatefold

Card Base                                                

The base measures 5" by 7"
The circle is 4 1/4" diameter
Inside circle is 3 1/2: diameter
Gatefold rectangle piece is 1 1/2 by 4 1/2

I wanted to use the collection stencil images in a totally different way and I came up with this idea/

  1. Take the green cardstock measuring 7" long and score it at 2 " on each side
  2. On the right side of the base, cut the scored piece off with a paper trimmer.
  3. Cut the larger circle with a circle die and a smaller circle with printed cardstock. 
  4. Adhere these two pieces together with double sided tape. 
  5. Adhere the rectangular printed cardstock to the gatefold left side piece with double sided tape.
  6. Score the circular piece at 1" and fold crisply with a bone folder
  7. Adhere the folded piece to the back of the back of the card with glue or double-sided tape. You want to make sure that the circle is placed evenly centered so that there is equal distance on both the top and the bottom. 
  8. Again, I used the layered stencil to create the leaf and flower images. These were adhered to both sides of the cards.
  9. Following my other design, I glued gold sequins and added the Neuvo drops for extra dimension.
  10. I had a small script die cut that I cut and layered to add as a sentiment.

Card # 4-The Z Fold Lace Card                                                           

Card Base

The card base measures 5 1/2" by 8 1/2"
The circular pieces are 3 1/2 " in diameter
Smaller circle is 3 " in diameter
White rectangle is 1 1/2" by 5 1/2"
Green rectangle is 1 1/4" by 5 1/2"

The Z fold card gives you a chance to design something special both on the inside and the outside of the card. The trick to this design to make sure that the die cut on the front matches the die cut on the inside. So, when the card is folded for mailing, all you will see is the outside design. you could use ant type of nested die cuts that you may have.

  1. Die cut the circular pieces. Two of the larger and two of the smaller.
  2. Score the base of the card at 2 1/4 ", and 4 1/4 "
  3. Make a Z pattern by folding the first fold up and the second as you would normally fold a base card with a side opening. When you look at the top of the card, you should see a Z pattern.
  4. Use a bone folder to make the edges crisp
  5. I used Fancy edge die on the left side of the top panel.  You can leave it plain, but I thought that the lacy edging added a bit of interest to the design.
  6. Attach the panels of the top piece with double sided tape,
  7. Attach both the smaller and larger pieces of the die together with double sided tape. 
  8. Measure and attach the inside circular die piece halfway in the center of the inside of the card base.
  9. Attach the two pieces of the top circular die together.
  10. Look carefully where the edges of the inside die and the outside die match each other. 
  11. Place adhesive halfway on the back of the top circular piece. 
  12. Once you have lined them up, adhere the left side to the front panel.
  13. I used pieces from another card that I had stenciled to add to the front circular piece. I used foam dots to give more dimension. Then I used a rose gold Stickles glitter glue to add some embellishment.

Card 5 Blue Vellum Card

Card Base

Base measures 4 1/2" by 113/4"
Diamond measures 2 3/4 "
Smaller diamond is 2 1/2"
Smallest diamond is 2 "

This card uses similar ideas from the other cards, except that I used vellum instead of cardstock for the card base. There is a trick to get the vellum to stand up as a card would. You add weight with die cuts to the exact same space on each side of the card. 
  1. Cut the vellum to size for the base.
  2. Place half of the vellum in the embossing folder of your choice.
  3. Embellish the vellum following the manufacturer's directions.
  4. Use the same of another style of embossing folder to emboss some medium green cardstock
  5. Score the vellum at the half mark so that the card opening is at the bottom. 
  6. Trim any areas that may have left a mark from the embossing folder
  7. Cut 4 of the largest diamonds in white cardstock. These are actually square nesting dies that are turned to resemble a diamond shape.
  8. Use the medium green cardstock and spread some gold glitter glue across the embossed design. Let that dry.
  9. Using the layered stencils create the flowers and leaves for the front of the card. Add a little rose glitter glue to the top of the flower design. Set it aside to dry.
  10. Take the first diamond and apply it with double sided tape to the center of the inside of the card. This will be for your inner sentiment. 
  11. Now turn the card over to the back. Take the second diamond. Line it up to the diamond in the inside of the card, visible from the inside of the card. Adhere it with double sided tape so that both shapes are matching.
  12. Turn the card back to the front of the card. 
  13. Take the glitter glue paper that is now dry and die cut it to a 2 1/2" size.
  14. Adhere it to the largest front diamond
  15. Die cut the sentiment with 2-three layers adhered together. 
  16. Adhere the sentiment to the smallest diamond shape
  17. Adhere the sentiment as the third diamond layer.
  18. Line up the diamond layer to match the layer on the inside of the card.
  19. Adhere it with double sided tape.
  20. Arrange the leaves and flower shapes and adhere them to the front of the car

Bonus Card

This was another card that I created the same way as the blue one. I just used different colors as well as a different pattern for the flowers. 

I simplified this design a little because I wanted more of the embossing design to show through

I enjoyed creating the vellum cards as it gave me the opportunity to use and create some different papers. 

And I enjoyed getting out some of my embossing folders. It was fun to layer and design using the vellum.

Final Design Packaging

Like my masculine project, I wanted to create some packaging that made this collection a gift to be given. I used a box from a lasagna meal as my recycling part.

Again, I did stencil a lot of leaves and flowers for my collection. The container itself was covered with panels of cardstock that matched the colors of the cards. I also used the Gold Pin Stripped washi tape around the side of the container as I used in the second card. 

The flowers and leaves were adhered using foam dots. 

I added the same embellishments (gold sequins, glitter glue and Nuvo drops) as I had added in the card designs. 

Then I created a hang tag that can be used as the gift tag for the package.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. It is packed with ideas that I hope will help you create something new for those that you love.

I certainly appreciate your time. it means a lot to me that you are following my Altenew Educator journey as I stake each step forward.

I have included some products that I used in this collection that may interest you. Though I may earn commissions on any sales, it is at no additional cost to you. We use these earnings to enhance this community.

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts, please leave them at the bottom of this post. We always love hearing from you.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


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  1. Love the use of colors on this one too, Linda. Very different color selection for a feminine set, well done. The packaging looks amazing as well! Top job on your final challenge.