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Thursday, June 2, 2022


If you have some washi tape in your stash, you have a wonderful opportunity to add creativity to your art journal. Here are some ideas to get creative with your washi tape, 

Basic Washi Tape Tips 

There are just a few things to know and understand about washi taoe that will help you enhance your art journal experience:

  • We use a lot of different media on our art journal pages. Sometimes, the washi tape will not stick where we want it to. If that is the case for you, go ahead and add some white PVA glue to the back of your tape to get it to stick.
  • If you are collaging, go ahead and use Mod Podge or other sealing mediums. It won't hurt your washi tape

What Pens Work On Washi Tape

  1. Sharpie Markers-They come in different tip sizes and colors
  2. Microperm-comes in just a few tip sizes from .03 to .05
  3. LePen Permanent
  4. Bic Permanent Markers
  5. Papermate Flair

Use Washi Tape To Create Some Texture

You can create texture by adding bits of washi tape anywhere you need to add some dimension to your page. Ditch the scissors and just rip off a piece to place here and there. Just use it in random patches wherever you want to add texture and dimension. I would suggest gluing it down so that it stays put. Cover it with gesso and then you will have added some texture to the page. You can consider painting over it with acrylic paint or using ink over it.

Random Washi Tape Design

Put random pieces of washi tape on a page. Cover with geeso and add some paint. Write some thoughts on your page to complete your design.

Or you can fill in the empty spaces with some white paint. Let it dry and then use some distress crayons on top to add some color. Gently wipe some of the color away, until you are happy with the results, Now use any stencil you have in black ink like a silhouette. Add a word or two and you have a perfectly designed art journal page.

Create A Washi Tape Background

There is no right or wrong way to create your own washi tape background, Put it down in a totally colorful and random pattern.

You will want to add some glue to keep it in place. A glue stick works fine. Once you have all of your washi tape in place, give it a cover of clear gesso or Mod Podge to seal up your design.

Add A Border Around A Page

Use washi tape to create a border around your pages. Use strips tape to create a border on both sides of the page. Thus is a nice way to finish a page. 

Frame An Image

Create a frame around an image that you have already created. Use a rectangular or sqaure shape in the color or pattern of your choice. Pick a dominant color from the picture to make it look harmonious. 
The same colors that are in the picture will blend nicely. Contrasting colors will call attention to the photo.

1. Cover Up Your Mistakes

We all make them from time to time. Just use a piece of washi tape to cover up any smudge or mistake you might have made, Add a few more pieces and you will have created a designed piece.

2.Make Journaling Lines

Use washi tape to create lines that you can write on top on. It adds the perfect color to all your journaling

3.Use It Just As Tape

Rather than gluing something down, use the washi tape as you would any other piece of tape.

4.Mask Borders For Painting

You can create borders on your pages with washi tape. Use washi tape to define borders on your pages. Then either paint or ink the page. Once the paint or ink has dried, remove the tape and you will have crisp clean borders.

5.Create Arrows On Your Pages

It is so easy to create arrows on your pages with washi tape, Just use the tape to create an arrow shape.

6.Create Journal Lines

You can use washi tape to create lines on your pages that you can journal on. Lay a few straight lines on your pages with the washi tape. Then, using a marker write some lines expressing your thoughts and feelings. Yiu can leave the tape on as part of your design or remove the tape. 

7.Write On Washi Tape

You can add even more journaling by writing on top of washi tape, Make sure to use a matte finish tape and tdy it before you adhere it to your page.

8.Make Washi Tape Letters

Create letters and words using washi tape if you do not like your handwriting

9.Create Washi Tape Stickers

You can use double sided adhesive paper to create stickers, Just remove one side of the sticker and adhere the washi tape to it. Use an electronic cutting machine to cut a design. Then remove the backing and you have a lovely sticker. This works great with wider washi tape. use punches or cut shapes using your electronic cutting machine. 

10.Make Washi Tape Die Cuts

Adhere the washi tape to thin paper and cut it with ether a die cutting machine or a punch

11.Make A Washi Tape Flag

With a simple paper clip you can create a washi tap flag in just about a minute
  1. Cut a small piece of washi tape
  2. Insert it into the top of the paper clip
  3. Gently turn the tape so that you can adhere the piece together at the top of the paper clip
  4. Cut a triangle to create the flag shape

12.Use It To Reinforce a Binding

If the binding on your art journal seems weak, use some glue and adhere some washi tape to the binding of your book

13.Create A Washi Tape Garland

All you need is some bakers twine and pieces of washi tape. You just take a piece of the washi tape, fold it over and cut a pendent shape, Adhere it on your art journal page with some glue

  • You can work in the same color family
  • You can use different sized washi tape
  • You can do different shapes
  • Use random colors and patterns

You can make it long enough to create a single page banner or spread it across a double page.

You can also just cut the pendent pieces out and glue them on your page. Then draw the lines between the pieces for the banner,

You can also use washi tape to create a chain garland. Measure your pieces of tape to be equal. Then loop them into each other, using the tape to secure the loops.

14.Mask Borders For Painting

If you want to add some colors in a pattern, you can use the washi tape to cover the edges where you do not want the color 
  1. Lay some washi tape on your page in the design of your choice
  2. Burnish (rub) the tape to make sure it is firmly on the page
  3. Apply paint over the washi tape
  4. Allow the paint to air dry
  5. Remove the washi tape to reveal the design

15.Create A Grounding Design At The Bottom Of The Page

So simple and so effective, Just place vertical pieces of washi tape along the bottom of the page in different lengths and widths

Start your first piece in the center of the page. Make sure to place the piece straight so that all the other pieces will be straight too.

16.Create A Cover With Wide Washi Tape

Here are some of my favorite washi tapes. They have been selected for you. There may be some affiliate earnings if you add any to your collection at no cost to you.

I hope these tips are helpful to you. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, We would appreciate a comment, so let us know that you stopped by.

Till next time, Happy Crafting!


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