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Monday, October 4, 2021

Envelopes For Journals And Scrapbook Pages


Envelopes For Scrapbook Pages

You can create journal envelopes with small pieces of scrap paper

We all have those bits of paper leftover from our paper projects, But instead of throwing those papers away, why not recycle them into delightful paper journal envelopes. With a minimal amount of supplies, you can create some sweet additions to your scrapbook pages, art journals and junk journals. 


  • Rectangular pieces of cardstock
  • PVA glue
  • Bonefolder or ruler
  • A die-cut flower, ribbon, or other shapes
  • Beads, lace, or other decoration
  1. Take the top of the paper rectangle in both hands. Turn the two sides of the paper inward until you create a point at the top of the paper. Make the corners as even as possible. Use the bone folder or a ruler to make good creases.

2. Now, fold over the point of the piece till the point sits on top of the inside of the paper. Again use the bone folder to make good creases. Make the fold as even as possible.

3. Bring up the bottom half of the paper to meet the top and create the envelope. Use the bone folder to create strong creases. 

4. Glue the tabs on the flap. Add a die cut to the bottom to hold the flap. Only partially glue the die-cut so that the flap will fit in, You can trim the flap to make it fit better

5. Add any decoration to the envelope. You can open the strip to add any pictures, decor or journaling.

You can make these envelopes in any size that you would like. Use printed paper, vellum, or solid paper. You could also use glitter paper. There are no rules, just use your imagination and what you have on hand,

Have fun and let us know what you think about this idea! Happy Crafting!

We have added some supplies that you may need for this project. We may earn commissions for sales of some of these supplies at no cost to you. All earnings are used to enhance this community. Thanks for your support.


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