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Monday, September 5, 2022

 DIY Glitter Paper

Have you ever created your own glitter paper? It is really not that difficult. And you can get a lot of die cuts from one package of sticker paper. This is just part of my collection from a recent paper making project. I learned a lot of tips and tricks which I will give you in this post.

What You Need

There are only few things that you need to create your glitter paper. 

  • Double sided adhesive paper
  • Fine glitter in the color of your choice
  • Bone folder or a brayer
  • Cardstock
  • Newspaper or something to cover your work area
Make sure that you turn off any fans in the area that you are working in. Otherwise, you may have glitter flying around. 
  1. Spread the newspaper or over covering on your workspace
  2. Place a 12" by 12" piece of cardstock on the work area
  3. Place a letter size piece of cardstock on the larger piece
  4. Remove the backing from one side of the adhesive sheet
  5. Carefully place and line up the adhesive sheet on the smaller piece of paper
  6. Cut off any excess adhesive paper. Set the backing aside
  7. Use the brayer or the bone folder to rub the adhesive sheet onto the cardstock
  8. Remove the backing off the front of the adhesive sheet, now adhered to the cardstock.
  9. Set aside the backing
  10. Sprinkle the fine glitter onto the adhesive sheet covering the entire sheet
  11. Place the backing on top of the glitter covered sheet
  12. Use the brayer or bone folder to rub the glitter onto the sheet
  13. Remove the backing from the glitter sheet
  14. Lift the glitter sheet and tap any extra glitter off the sheet onto the larger piece of cardstock
  15. Use the larger cardstock like a funnel to put the excess glitter back into its container
  16. Die cut or use as needed
The white numbers were bits of the larger paper that had glitter on it

Here is another option for making your glitter cardstock. There are several different ways to get the job done

Super Quick Glitter Paper

This is another idea to help you create a super quick piece of glitter paper. This will help you create a smaller piece of budget friendly glitter paper in a color that you need for a specific project

  • Cardstock
  • White PVA or school glue
  • Wise foam brush or other brush
  • Scrap paper (the same size as the cardstock)
  • Fine or medium glitter
  • Brayer or bone folder
  1. Place some newspapers or other non-stick material (like parchment or wax paper) on your work surface
  2. Place the cardstock on your work surface
  3. Spread the glue over the cardstock with the foam brush evenly
  4. Cover the cardstock completely with the glitter
  5. Place the scrap paper over the glitter paper
  6. Rub the glitter into the paper with the brayer or bone folder
  7. Lift the paper and tap off any loose glitter 
  8. Let it dry and enjoy using your paper. 

I learned a few things from this experience on making the DIY glitter paper. I am sharing them with you to help you get the best results.
  • There is a slight opening between the peel off strips where the glitter may not adhere. But it is a small inconvenience. that you can work around.
  • You may want to work in a three-sided box to help contain the glitter from getting all over the place. Just lay newspaper in the box, then your larger piece
  • Keep a lint roller handy! It helps you pick up any runaway glitter
  • Make sure to use the brayer or bone folder to make sure all the glitter is moved onto the paper. You could use a rolling pin or even a ruler too. 
Now, I am off to create with my glitter die cuts. What would you make with your DIY glitter paper? As always, we would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and and suggestions.

Till next time, Happy Crafting!


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